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About the Area

Golden Grove

The first church in Golden Grove was a timber structure on stilts to lift it above flood level, it was located near to the woodland on the right hand side of the road leading from the bottom of Golden grove hill to the old Railway Station on land, which forms part of the College farm, which was then Home Farm.

John Vaughan of Golden Grove House (not the current mansion), had a new church built in 1617 at the current location. Between 1847 and 1850 the then Lord Cawdor had the church rebuilt from new and this is the current church building.


Carmel village has a Chapel a Church and a Public House at each end of the village.

Carmel Woods a National Nature Reserve contains diverse plant and animal species. There is also a Bronze Age Cairn moved from its location in the quarry to the Nature Reserve site. There are four Victorian lime kilns here and at the edge of the Reserve in Pantyllyn is the only Turlough to be found in mainland Britain.

Llynllech Owain a lake steeped in legend is located in a County Park with various facilities.


Historically the hamlet of Pantyllyn was dominated by the quarrying of Limestone and the landscape still retains the location of the actual quarries and the remains of lime kilns can be seen at several locations, especially on the limestone ridge that dominates the skyline from Pantyllyn to Maesybont and further. The name of the hamlet refers to the little lake that is located on the side of the road, leading from Pantyllyn to Pentregwenlais, the lake is actually a Turlough, which is the only one to be found in mainland Britain and the water level reacts to rainfall conditions and will dry out during a drought.


The village of Milo has been named after the 2 chapels and has trebled in property numbers since the 1970’s. It once had 2 shops, which closed in the late 1940’s. The school build in 1915, which had at one time had over 150 pupils, but closed in 2010.

Church Hall Gelli Aur The Turlough Bronze Age Cairn
Church Hall Gelli Aur  The Turlough Bronze Age Cairn